Class Phalcon\Mvc\Collection\Document

最后更新于:2018-09-01 07:08:51

implements Phalcon\Mvc\EntityInterface, ArrayAccess


This component allows Phalcon\Mvc\Collection to return rows without an associated entity.
This objects implements the ArrayAccess interface to allow access the object as object->x or array[x].


public boolean offsetExists (int $index)

Checks whether an offset exists in the document

public offsetGet (mixed $index)

Returns the value of a field using the ArrayAccess interfase

public offsetSet (mixed $index, mixed $value)

Change a value using the ArrayAccess interface

public offsetUnset (string $offset)

Rows cannot be changed. It has only been implemented to meet the definition of the ArrayAccess interface

public mixed readAttribute (string $attribute)

Reads an attribute value by its name


 echo $robot->readAttribute("name");

public writeAttribute (string $attribute, mixed $value)

Writes an attribute value by its name


 $robot->writeAttribute("name", "Rosey");

public array toArray ()

Returns the instance as an array representation