Mac OS X 系统下使用 Phalcon 开发工具(Phalcon Developer Tools on Mac OS X)

最后更新于:2018-09-01 07:08:51

These steps will guide you through the process of installing Phalcon Developer Tools for OS/X.


The Phalcon PHP extension is required to run Phalcon Tools. If you haven’t installed it yet, please see the Installation section for instructions.


You can download a cross platform package containing the developer tools from the Download section. You can also clone it from Github.

Open the terminal application:

Copy & Paste the commands below in your terminal:

git clone git://

Then enter the folder where the tools were cloned and execute ”. ./”, (don’t forget the dot at beginning of the command):

cd phalcon-devtools/

. ./

In the terminal window, type the following commands to create a symbolic link to the phalcon.php script:

ln -s ~/phalcon-tools/phalcon.php ~/phalcon-tools/phalcon

chmod +x ~/phalcon-tools/phalcon

Type the command “phalcon” and you will see something like this:

Congratulations you now have Phalcon tools installed!

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